The Patio's history

Lets go back to early 1900's the area was mostly woodland and some farming plots located on the outskirts of town. Around the 1930's the house got built and suffered several transformation cycles under the ownership of Jose Jacinto da Silva a local farmer and well known horse breeder locals are still referring to him and later to his son Jose Carlos da Silva with great respect and consideration. The major transformation works completed by the 1960's to the shape as we know it today. . Two houses were merged, roof removed to give way to the large roof terrace in town the perfect spot to entertain family and friends assist to the traditional processions and other important parades and celebrations. A further floor and a large loft were added on. The courtyard had several barns, cellar, Stables and staff quarters. The care for history was something clearly visible under Jose Carlos supervision, the tiles that once covered the exterior wall ( see picture with oval windows ) were carefully removed and moved to decorate one of the interior corridors where they can still be appreciated today. All the diverse content of hand painted tiles are of an exquisite taste and brings much joy to those that admire tile design and history. Our guest simply love them too . Treasured memories have been shared by locals that used to frequent the house back then. The spirit of entertaining and socialising was clearly the heart and soul of the house are still around today. .Tthe positive energy is still around . Sadly Jose Carlos passed away and did not leave direct descendant's with the years passing by the property was left empty. Was not until the 1980's that the well known family Roquette moved in with his extended family bringing joy and life once more into the house. But with the time and with family members moving mostly to the big towns Coruche's country home that once hosted reunions of 40 and more.. started to decline and gradually it became almost a ruin as it was left empty for a long period of time. It was not until Sept 2018 that I came across with the property and immediately felt in love with its charm and above all the urge it had to be back to life, and surely it has .. we have been happy to enjoy the challenges of the renovation project, sharing it with family and friends.. and very recently we opened our doors to welcome our guests to also experience a country home with today;s comforts but keeping intact its charm and vibe just like it once witnessed. So welcome and join us writing the next chapter of Patio da Villa. Obrigado, Paulo Domingos Obs: Photos copy rights are not mine , sourced from the internet, social media .